EXCLUSIVE: Bravo Fans Pissed Over Summer House

EXCLUSIVE: Bravo Fans Pissed Over Summer House

This past Monday, Bravo fans who love Vanderpump Rules made sure to be in front of their televisions at 9 PM, as they were promised a two hour Vanderpump Rules “event.” As the minutes started to tick into the second hour, though, fans realized they were no longer watching Vanderpump Rules. Rather, they had been duped, as Bravo used Vanderpump Rules as a lead into their new show, Summer House, which Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder makes a cameo on.

According to an insider we spoke to, “The fans are not happy with what Bravo did.”

“They feel like they got tricked into watching Summer House under the guise of a longer Vanderpump Rules episode,” our source continued. “They have been vocal about their unhappiness regarding this on social media.”

“The response to Summer House wasn’t overly positive,” our insider added, “and the topic of feeling duped was even discussed this week on Radio Andy.”

“While what Bravo did was smart for ratings,” our source wrapped with dishing, “it wasn’t the best idea to do to the fans, as they are definitely upset by this.”

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