EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: The Truth About Dr. Paul Nassif


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m here today to speak the truth about Dr. Paul Nassif. I keep reading fabricated garbage on other websites and tabloid magazines which is why I need your help to set the record STRAIGHT! First off, I’m an employee/staff member of the family. I have worked for Adrienne Maloof for countless years so I have seen it all. I’m not on any side, but I want the FACTS on the table. Dr. Paul Nassif did physically hit Adrienne Maloof on multiple occasions. I watched it with my own eyes at Adrienne Maloof’s home in Beverly Hills. He would hit her and they would verbally fight all the time. Dr. Paul Nassif is an alcoholic who drinks Johnny Walker Blue almost everyday to the point of blackout every evening. He is a violent and racist drunk. I have witnessed him belittle staff and would call us all derogatory names like n*gger and beaners. Dr. Paul Nassif has no respect towards people and has a completely fake face for the cameras. Paul’s father Sabin Nassif tried to save his son begging him not to use the Maloof family for money, but Paul returned the favor by putting his dead father on ice for two weeks because the funeral date had to “fit in his schedule”. What sick individual would do that to their own father? Sabin Nassif was a great man who wrote a letter to Paul begging him to change and to stop being abusive and destructive to and around his children. The letter didn’t work and Paul Nassif knowing their was an iron clad pre-nup began to move assets into his sisters name over the past three years without the Maloof family knowing. Nik, in my personal opinion he never married Adrienne Maloof for love. He made it clear he wanted the Maloof name and money. His vengeance now is because he is broke and he knows the only way he can get paid is to play his kids against Adrienne Maloof. They have beautiful children who don’t deserve an abusive father. And Dr. Paul Nassif if you read this I just want you to know you are not welcome at Mirabelle restaurant on Sunset. Your custom of not tipping “the slave laborers” as you call us is no longer welcome and you need to pay back Colleen Maloof the poker gambling debts she covered for you. Mamma Maloof is no longer your personal check book. Nik, thank you for letting me voice the TRUTH. God bless. P.S. I will be sending you all the mistress information shortly.

Dr. Paul Nassif was a Cheerleader at USC, how could a cheerleader turn into a person who practices domestic violence?- nik

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