EXCLUSIVE: Brian Cuban Talks The Law Profession Being One In Crisis

EXCLUSIVE: Brian Cuban Talks The Law Profession Being One In Crisis

Recently, we had the chance to talk with Brian Cuban, brother of Mark Cuban, who released his book The Addicted Lawyer: Tales Of The Bar, Booze, Blow, and Redemption.

In a five part series we’re going to release over the duration of this week, Cuban has some very interesting things to share.

When initially asked why he feels alcohol and drug use is so prevalent in the community of lawyers, he shared that, “There are many reasons.  We can start with the societal sigma surrounding addiction that extends well beyond the legal profession. Many believe that addiction is a choice and therefore a mental weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth but given that the legal profession tends to attract very competitive, ‘type- A’ personalities, this stigma is exponentially magnified within the profession.”

“Lawyers are ingrained with the belief starting in law school that to show any weakness is something to be taken advantage and something that can lead to the loss of employment, clients and professional status,” he continued. “This in turn leads to a distrust of the system in place that allows lawyers and law students to seek help often leading to worse consequences than if they had started into recovery sooner.”

“When you mix the above and other stresses such as paying back massive school loans and a shrinking legal market, with a culture of drinking within the profession that starts in law school, problems are bound to arise and they have,” he wrapped with saying. “According to a recent ABA study up to one in three licensed attorneys is a problem drinker with younger lawyers being most at risk. From that perspective, it is a profession in crisis.”

Stay tuned for more with Cuban tomorrow.


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