EXCLUSIVE: Brittany DeJesus Will Be Involved In Teen Mom 2

EXCLUSIVE: Brittany DeJesus Will Be Involved In Teen Mom 2

While there has been lots of talk in the Teen Mom 2 world regarding what’s going on with Javi Marroquin and rumored cast addition Briana DeJesus‘s sister, Brittany, we can confirm exclusively why they were in Los Angeles- and another VERY juicy news item.

According to a Teen Mom 2 insider, “MTV brought Javi out to Los Angeles to film some sort of Teen Mom special along with Briana.”

“They’ve been friends for years,” our insider told us, “since the Teen Mom 3 days.” 

While our source was unable to confirm if Briana’s sister did indeed film for the after show, they did confirm the most interesting tidbit to us- namely, that Brittany will be filmed for Teen Mom 2.

“She’s not going to be a ‘main girl’ like Briana,” our source confirmed, “but, since Brittany’s Briana’s sister, she will be filmed for some scenes and included in her storyline.”

One thing is for certain – the next season of Teen Mom 2 is definitely going to be quite different with the cast shake up. We look forward to watching everything that goes down.


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