EXCLUSIVE: Charrisse Jackson Jordan Explains Feud With Gizelle, Calls Her A Weak Woman

EXCLUSIVE: Charrisse Jackson Jordan Explains Feud With Gizelle, Calls Her A Weak Woman

Last Sunday, the new season of The Real Housewives of Potomac premiered. From the get go, there was more drama, especially between Charrisse Jackson Jordan and Gizelle Bryant. We exclusively talked to Jordan today, who explained where her issues with Bryant actually stemmed from- and, to note, you didn’t see it all on TV.

“You don’t see everything on TV,” Charrisse exclusively shared. “There’s a girl who created a page to talk about ‘all Charrisse’s infidelities.’”

“Then she…started adding my cast mates and my daughter, still talking about ‘all of Charrisse’s infidelities,’” she continued. “The first one was my first boyfriend. The other ‘infidelity’ she had was this guy named Michael. Michael was one of my students when I taught. I was a young teacher, though. 25. So she said that was one of my infidelities. She said that was my boyfriend or whatever. And she posted a picture of him. And she’s tagging my cast mates and other people at Bravo. Michael is a friend of mine, but I wasn’t paying her any mind and blocked her.”

So how did this make her upset with Gizelle?

Charrisse explained that, “Then Gizelle decided to take that information and go on WWHL to say ‘we know she has a boyfriend… and Eddie has girlfriends.’ She doesn’t even know Eddie. She’e never even met Eddie. All she knows is that Eddie lives in New Jersey.”

“She’s such a weak woman,” she elaborated. “She does that- goes on WWHL. That pissed me off because it was more about (the fact that) I have two kids. You’re going on a public forum to say something as a fact. She got some person she doesn’t even know who created an account just to talk about me. Seriously? That within itself is crazy that somebody would just create an account just to talk about Charrisse.”

“When she presented it like ‘we know’ like they all saw the guy or had been around him- like it’s really a thing- I ordered a cease and desist,” Charrisse added. “She was scheduled to go on other shows and talk about my having this boyfriend. Which to me in and of itself- was like- really? People are interested in that?”

While Charrisse noted that “I find it flattering she’s (Gizelle) so obsessed with my personal life,” she also noted that, “I’m separated from my husband for a long time now. If I did have a boyfriend, I could have one. I don’t have a boyfriend. I wish I did. I’m actively trying to wait to get a divorce and start my dating life. That’s been my plan. If I did have a boyfriend, what’s the big deal? Why is that earth shattering information?”

Charrisse had a lot more to say about Bryant- and the show- so make sure to stay tuned to The Dirty for more of our exclusive conversation with her. 


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