EXCLUSIVE: Charrisse Jackson-Jordan – Gizelle Bryant Is A Liar Who Came For Me Because of Jealousy

EXCLUSIVE: Charrisse Jackson-Jordan – Gizelle Bryant Is A Liar Who Came For Me Because of Jealousy

Yesterday, we exclusively talked to Real Housewives of Potomac star Charrisse Jackson-Jordan about her feud with co-star Gizelle Bryant. We talked more with her about exactly what made her upset and- during our conversation- she called Gizelle out for faking her storyline!

“What pissed me off- from episode 1- is when she says I told her that I cheat on my husband,” Charrisse explained. “She’s such a liar. Meanwhile, Gizelle- the last thing that she should ever talk about is relationships. When she was married to her husband, word on the street is that there were a lot of infidelities throughout her marriage with a catastrophic nightmare taking place while she was pregnant with her twins.”

“She has the audacity to sit up here and lie- and where her life was in her marriage- she has the nerve to talk about my situation,” Charrisse continued. “It’s just incredible. The fact that she would lie. I keep saying I don’t even talk to Gizelle. I’ve never even had a private conversation with Jezebel. When did I tell her this? Why would I tell her that? She’s not that girl that I would go to.”

“With Gizelle,” Charrisse addd, “this girl literally goes around and her life is reality TV. She just spends so much time thinking of how to do stuff on the show. In her mind what she thinks is good TV. She’ll do whatever at the expense of anybody. Her whole storyline is fake. She goes on a date thing where she’s going on all these fake dates. The girl has a boyfriend, but he doesn’t want to be on the show. So she’s doing the fake thing. Everything about her is a lie. Nothing is genuine.”

“She’s not a good actress,” Charrisse also said of Gizelle. “She needs to take some acting classes.”

In our conversation, Charrisse also noted why she thinks Gizelle ever started with her, dishing that, “I think she came for me because of jealousy.”

Stay tuned to The Dirty for more with Charrisse coming soon.


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