EXCLUSIVE: Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Talks Katie Rost Leaving, Claims Rost Didn’t Want To Get Personal

EXCLUSIVE: Charrisse Jackson-Jordan Talks Katie Rost Leaving, Claims Rost Didn’t Want To Get Personal

Last night on The Real Housewives of Potomac, fans saw season 1 star Katie Rost host her Casino Royale night. Unfortunately for fans, Rost didn’t stick around filming too much after that and, as we already know, departed the show.

We talked to star Charrisse Jackson-Jordan about Rost and why she left.

“Katie and I are cool,” Charrisse began with telling us. “I actually love Katie and I really feel that if Katie would have stayed, I think people would have liked Katie more than last season. Last season, Katie wasn’t really connected with anybody on the cast and didn’t trust anybody. A lot of people like Gizelle were always coming after her, so it was a lot. To be among the group of people that she has to work with and really not have a friendship with any of them- I think was probably challenging.”

“She and I became friends,” she continued. “I let her know that I would have her back, especially with Gizelle. I told Katie to stop letting Gizelle go off and say what she wants to say and then walk away from her… At the reunion, Katie was a totally different person. She knew she had people who had her back.”

So what happened with Rost in terms of season 2?

Charrisse explained that, “I think coming into season 2 Katie would have been a great cast mate because she felt more comfortable. But, the difference between season 1 and season 2, is that season 2 they wanted more from you from a personal level. Katie didn’t want that. Stuff from her boyfriend’s past came up. That was unfortunate, as that was old news. It was from 2012.”

“With Katie, everything’s about her children, too,” she added. “She’s going through this big thing with her ex-husband with trying to keep custody. Bringing up these drug allegations regarding her boyfriend in the midst of what she’s going through with her ex-husband was not a good look. In my opinion, I don’t think she should have had to (discuss this). It was so old and in light of what she was going through (it shouldn’t have had to be talked about).”

We definitely will miss Rost’s presence on the show, but it looks like The Real Housewives of Potomac is already off to a great, dramatic start.


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