EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown – Claims He Didn’t Screw Over Famous Street Artist Konfused

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown – Claims He Didn’t Screw Over Famous Street Artist Konfused

The Dirty can exclusively reveal that Chris Brown has fired back at the famous street artist accusing him of ripping off his work … with the singer accusing the man suing him of fraud … saying he doesn’t owe the man a dime and is demanding his legal battle be thrown out of court ASAP!

TMZ reported the street artist, Konfused, sued the singer last year accusing him of ripping off his famous mark.

The artist – real name Andre Khazrei – has been tagging walls and signing paintings with the mark since 2003 … years before Chris decided to use the name, Konfuzed, for his clothing line.

The man said he obtained a copyright for his trademark to use for t-shirts and other merchandise. He accused the singer of infringing on his mark and ripping off his name … which only confused the consumers. He even pointed out that Chris had signed a painting at the L.A. Grammy Museum with “Konfused” not “Konfuzed”. He filed suit demanding damages and an injunction against Chris from continuing to use his mark for the clothing line or any other purpose.

Then on January 20th, Chris Brown headed to court demanding the legal battle be thrown out. The singer explains he has not infringed on any trademarks owned by the street artist and accuses the man of committing fraud with the Trademark Office. He says that he doesn’t owe the artist a dime nor should an injunction be entered against him. Chris believes the claims are barred because the artist failed to comply with the requirements to obtain the trademark.

Chris says the plaintiff’s trademark is invalid and unenforceable and therefore is demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out and the artist awarded nothing.


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