EXCLUSIVE: Christy McGinity Gibel’s Marital Problems Revealed

EXCLUSIVE: Christy McGinity Gibel’s Marital Problems Revealed

The Dirty recently reported that Little Women LA star Christy McGinity Gibel and her husband, Todd, are having some marital problems and that they are becoming increasingly hard for production to film together.

Gibel’s friend exclusively spoke to us with more details, specifically telling us what is causing tension in their marriage.

“Christy and Todd had issues early on in their relationship,” her friend exclusively told us. “Shortly after meeting, they began filming for season one of the show, and, as many know, being on a reality show is never healthy for a relationship.”

But what are the couple currently fighting over?

“There are many things causing tension in their marriage,” her friend continued dishing. “While his weight has played a factor in causing issues between them, there are many other things at play.”

“Christy recently had a stroke,” her friend added, “and while Todd has been there for her to an extent, it hasn’t been in the capacity Christy has needed.”

Her friend also noted that “Not being able to have more children is also causing a rift between them. It’s been especially hard on Todd, as he lost his baby girl and he’s always wanted a child of his own. This is definitely one of the major sources of problems between them.”

Only time will tell if the reality duo is able to work it out or if they decide to end up parting ways.

Stay tuned to The Dirty as we will be sure to keep you posted on any developments.


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