EXCLUSIVE: Clear Channel’s JohnJay Van Es’ Mistress Comes Forward


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Michelle: Okay. I’m another mistress of John Jays. There was 1 before me, 1 during me, (plus how many ever I didn’t know about).  Sorry to say, Nik Im not a reader of TheDirty as Im an older woman – but my daughters do; much to my discouragement.  They saw your post about John Jay cheating and dived over themselves to inform me right away.  Of course, a lot of their friends then saw it, and so on and so on.  I’ve thought long and hard about whether I wanted to say anything. It’s embarrassing and painful; nevermind the fact that (sorry) it’s all sleazy & dark over here and Ive lived enough of that life! So I thought a lot about my motivation and can honestly say I want to be open to sharing details of my affair with johnjay, (which by the way…lasted over 3 years) for the sake of my own and my daughter’s and friends healing and accountability.  Gag. I know.  Also if it can help other people not make the same mistake I did, Ill just sleep easier. Ok so you want the deets Im sure. We met on myspace. Yup. My space.  January 2008.  My first message to him involved the raparte and witty banter johnjays so good about throwin out. Its his “thing”. I gotta admit his attention felt good; made me feel special. Light a candle, grab a drink.  gag again.  My very first message reply from johnjay – which was IMMEDIATE –First words off his “fingertips?” LETS HAVE AN AFFAIR. BE MY GIRLFRIEND. No $hit. Guy had balls. Figuratively speaking. (ps. I do have 2 coworkers who witnessed the email  – so Angelica and Mark, if youre reading this; have at it) CUT TO:   yah, johnjay says that 2 months later –and yes…we’d already done the deed quite a few times actually. 1st time was at the Pointe at South Mountain.  Johnjay would reimburse me, I paid on my card. He’d always schedule our dates around events of his: mark grace bowling tournament, superbowl parties, etc.  We’d always do hotels until after our first 6mos; after Blake took the kids away for the summer. Then he started coming to my condo in the gayberhood.  Shout out to the gays!!!! Love you guys!!!! That whole first year was I suppose johnjays married, old man way of “courting me” schmoozing me with tickets, getting my kids into these meet and greets – and NOT that we didn’t appreciate it johnjay…we did – but they’re cheesy dude. I mean my 19 yr old is 3 times the size of pete wentz (who grabbed her butt by the way – while he was married to Ashley)  and the whole johnjay and rich banner. It was kind of embarrassing.  “Sex and the city premiere” yah, he got us into that. My youngest daughter won the Barney’s gift card. Thanks kiss104.7! I remember he made such a big deal about Phooson. You know the last one they had before they CANCELLED THEM?!!??$$$ Anyway, I was a smitten girl, being wooed by a married man – and we were openly sharing it in front of my daughters (who by the way are OVER 18) I was having a major crush. 2 of my daughters and a family friend went to the concert & we walked right up to the will call window and guess who is directly in front of us but, ‘mrs johnjay’.  She was yelling kinda loud, “hes my husband!” – while johnjay is calling me on the phone to make sure I got in ok.  I told him I was right behind his wife – and he thought it was funny. Weird, right?  So he kept calling me the whole night, came out to talk to us, held up his phone in front of the crowd to show me that he was “texting me” (oh yah…remember all those times he was ON HIS PHONE?) Yah! Guilty.  He then actually called me and informed me that he’d gotten better seats for me and my girls than he did for his own wife and mom.  So you see – he kinda just disrespects ALL women with that.  We all know that sh*tty feeling in the pit of our stomach. I know I should have just cut bait and run.  I didn’t. I just got more involved; he was laying it on hardcore. We went to dinner with his best buddy. He was at my condo 3 or 4 times a week. Constantly on the phone, texting, bbm’ing. Thank God Twitter came out because he could finally have a convenient excuse to be on his blackberry all the time.   Then he’d do mad weird $hit: He’d show up places without me knowing and jump out and surprise me.  He gave my daughters and I a bag of vibrators he’d gotten at the station. He’d ask me to go out and meet him somewhere but pretend I was a stranger.  Role playing.   I’d webcam him in the morning while he was on air. You’re welcome. Also he was extremely jealous and possessive of me. CLASSIC PROJECTION. The married cheater thinks his mistress is cheating on him.  All my guy friends know and feel free to say what you know is true- I was NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE GUY FRIENDS. TRUTH.  I wasn’t even allowed to go to Mill Avenue on a Thursday night for dinner because there were young doods down there.  Suddenly I was sitting at home, waiting on my married man’s call. Not hot.  Nik, this is the only picture I have of him because he hacked into my computer and emails, its when we went on a family vacation to San Diego with my daughter, I have plenty of details if you want to know more.

Thank you for your bravery Michelle. I truly hope other girls victimized by him feel the same strength to come forward. In my opinion Clear Channel should fire him indefinitely. Michelle, please feel free to tell us more… let my website be your blank canvas. Also, to JohnJay’s wife Blake and the very popular Biddulph family in Arizona, I am truly embarrassed for you.- nik


Clear Channel’s John Jay Needs To Be Exposed For The Womanizer He Is

Clear Channel’s JohnJay VanEs’ Mistresses Are Starting To Come Forward

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