EXCLUSIVE: Craig Ramsay On 3 Year Wedding Anniversary- We Have Become The Straight People’s Gay Couple

EXCLUSIVE: Craig Ramsay On 3 Year Wedding Anniversary- We Have Become The Straight People’s Gay Couple

Fans of Bravo’s Newlyweds: The First Year likely remember Craig Ramsay and his husband, Brandon Liberati. It’s been one year since the couple appeared on the show (which taped for a year and a half) and three years since they got married.

We talked exclusively with Ramsay today about how married life has been and what he feels is different being a married gay couple in Trump’s America. 

“Everyone keeps asking us if we can believe it’s been 3 years and  we’ve been answering it feels like 30 actually!” Ramsay shared. “SO MUCH has happened since filming our newlyweds show 3 years ago today. Our show started with our wedding- day number one.”

“The show was incredibly simplistic and focusing on the basic and stereotypical issues that exist in new marriages, but we don’t have a typical marriage or relationship,” he continued. “We work together which means we travel together and are therefore with each other almost 24/7. We tried to unconventionally have a baby with Brandon’s biological sister but she has to drop over 100lbs for that to happen so I, as a fitness professional, have to step in and train a family member, which is incredibly difficult and dramatic to say the least.”

“We survived a year and a half of filming newlyweds,” he added. “The  #1 question we get asked is did we have a baby? Not yet, but you can continue to follow our journey with Brandon’s sister at craigramsayfitness on Facebook. The next question is always ‘do we talk to the other couples’ which, thankfully, this isn’t the real housewives and we don’t have to.”

So how does Ramsay feel about how things have changed for gay couples in under President Donald Trump? 

“When the show came out so did we,” Ramsay revealed. “As a same sex couple in the Trump era we have become the ‘straight peoples gay couple.’ Lots of newlyweds Bravo viewers who support our marriage and adore us voted for Trump.  We don’t believe they fully understood the impact that him and his administration have on our lives and LGBT families.  We do however believe people are seeing that now.”

Ramsay wrapped with telling us that, “A crazy political climate and election (and) a ton of amazing things have all taken place in the last three years.. We are both working on new projects that will air on major networks within the year.Brandon is the new Brand AmBassador for Secret Extensions with Daisy Fuentes and I have launched my new project Stretch a Reason to Wine which is booking in cities all over the world. Look for a webseries and podcast from us launching later this year in conjunction with Hey Qween. To find out more about us visit Brandon’s website www.brandonliberati.com and www.stretchareasontowine.com.”

While it’s clearly been an interesting ride for them, we wish them a happy anniversary.


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