EXCLUSIVE: Damon Dash – Baby Mama Shut Down Over $160k in Back Child Support Battle

EXCLUSIVE: Damon Dash – Baby Mama Shut Down Over $160k in Back Child Support Battle

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Damon Dash’s baby mama has been shut down in her attempt to collect on an alleged $160k back child support debt … with a New York judge siding with the ex-music mogul.

Dash and a company, Kerison & Willougby Capital, have been involved in a nasty legal battle for years … where they have been trying to collect on $406k that he owes them from a previous dispute. They sued in an attempt to have a judge order Dash’s 46.54% stake in a company he founded with his ex-wife Rachel Roy be sold off … with the profits used to pay off the debt he owes them.

Back in December, Dash’s baby mama, Cindy Morales, filed docs explaining she seeks to intervene in hopes of the judge granting her a stake in the sale of Dash’s membership in the company.

Cindy explained she shares a 14-year-old son with Dash and he only pays child support sporadically through the New York State Support Collection unit, who garnish his wages. She said Dash was ordered to pay $5,417.50 a month in child support for a 2016 total of $65,010. However, he only paid $11k and is delinquent over $53,000.

Morales claimed Dash owed her a total of $159,125.52 in back child support with interest and $19,640 in court ordered legal fees. Dash fired back demanding she not be allowed a cut of the sale claiming he was current on his support.

Recently, the judge came back with his decision and sided with Dash by shutting down the baby mama. The order denies Morales request to seek a cut of the sale …. stating she provided insufficient evidence to argue her point.


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