EXCLUSIVE Details: Why Kellyanne Conway and Tom Price Visited Michigan Recently

EXCLUSIVE Details: Why Kellyanne Conway and Tom Price Visited Michigan Recently

Recently, Kellyanne Conway and White House Secretary Tom Price visited Michigan… and The Dirty obtained exclusive photos, as well as some details regarding the reason for their visit, which had been reported on previously by local news station Fox 66.

According to a source who was present, “On May 9th, Kellyanne Conway came to Michigan with Secretary Price to meet with Lt. Governor Brian Calley to discuss the epidemic of addiction and opioid overdose sweeping the nation.”

“The U.S Department of Health and Human Services awarded 16.4 million dollars in grants to aid Lt. Governor Calley’s efforts to combat the issue,” our insider continued. “Calley discussed with Secretary Price and Conway that addiction needs to be included in Healthcare so people can receive proper care and treatment.”

“Calley also introduced them and spoke to them about the good samaritan law, where it decriminalizes addiction to prevent overdoses, and then expressed that if drugs are present in peoples systems, they do not call and report overdoses because the law will arrest them for having illegal substances in their system,” our insider added. “So by decriminalizing that they believe it will prevent addiction.”

So what do Price and Conway plan to do with the information they received?

Our source wrapped with telling us that, “Secretary Price and Conway plan on using these ideas in Michigan for research, and also to include addiction in healthcare.”

This sounds like it was a very productive and informative meeting, and it’s great to see people in Trump’s cabinet out on the front lines to deal with- and learn more about- such an important topic.


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