EXCLUSIVE: Doctor Talks How Kim Kardashian Could Improve Butt

EXCLUSIVE: Doctor Talks How Kim Kardashian Could Improve Butt

It seems for quite some time now, one of the hottest topics surrounding Kim Kardashian has been her butt.

We talked exclusively with Dr. William Song, an MD who runs New Jersey’s popular Omni Aesthetics to see what he thought could be done regarding her butt and the alleged cellulite people have been talking about, most recently in a Radar Online report.

“We have quite a few treatment options that we can use to improve the cellulite on Kim’s Butt including lasers, lipodisruption, fat transfer and a new technique gaining popularity (called the) Sculptra Butt Lift,” Dr. Song shared.

 “Since they have the money, any one of these would be a reasonable option,” he added.

“But, quite frankly, the amount of cellulite in this photo is about what you would expect for a butt that size,” Dr. Song wrapped with saying. “The only thing that is going to make it look perfectly smooth is photoshop.”

One of the things the Kardashian’s have always been known for are their butts, so it will be interesting to see if Kim does anything or if it was just a bad photo.


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