EXCLUSIVE: Drama Explodes At Posche Fashion Show, With Screaming And Chair Throwing

EXCLUSIVE: Drama Explodes At Posche Fashion Show, With Screaming And Chair Throwing

Last night, the infamous Posche Fashion Show hosted by Kim DePaola took place and this year’s show was a special one due to the fact that it was benefitting the victims of the awful car fire that took place in Paterson, New Jersey that involved Kim D’s car earlier this year.

Unfortunately, the pre-show was not without it’s drama, though, an employee of Posche- who requested to not be named- exclusively dished to us about some MAJOR drama that went down when Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Danielle Staub, and Margaret Josephs showed up.

“Kim was with all the models to get them ready and prepped before the show,” our Posche insider began with sharing.

“All four of them came in like a posse of mean girls. They all came in with a big puss on their face where Kim was. They went up to Kim and started talking crap and starting a problem. Basically, this was for a fundraiser. Even the mother of the victims was there and she went up to them and said something to them about how they had acted, because, you know, they were acting like animals in a place that wasn’t the place or the time for it. Even one of the girlfriends who has a baby with one of the guys that had passed started crying. She couldn’t believe it. She was like, ’this is a fundraiser for someone who passed away. This is not where you come to start drama.’ They were just so nasty. Everyone was telling them to stop and that this was a charity event and to stop..”

“I only got involved because Teresa was talking about Kim,” our source continued.

Things continued getting heated, and towards the end, the Posche employee told us, “When Teresa was walking out (of the room), Kim threw a chair in her direction and then Teresa tried to go back at her and tried to pick up a chair and throw it towards Kim. Then, when Kim left the room, Teressa kept screaming about Kim. She was badmouthing Kim and calling her all types of names. That’s when Another Posche employee told her to stop and that this was a charity and she was being out of line. Teresa responded by telling this employee to go F herself. Then I said you need to stop talking about Kim, as I care about her. Teresa kept going on and was throwing the F bombs. She was screaming and carrying on.”

“We told them all to leave after that,” the Posche employee then detailed. “We said we didn’t want them to attend the show- which was taking place on the floor above the one the fight occurred on- and wanted them to leave.”

We also asked our insider if they were surprised to see Teresa and the other women show up at the event or if they expected it?

“With the whole Kim and Teresa thing, this was a long time coming,” they explained. “I knew words were going to be exchanged at some point. But I feel like Teresa was really out of line to do it at a place like this. She knew it was for a fundraiser. People had died and she was over her causing problems and making people feel uncomfortable.”

“Teresa was acting just as trashy as she was before jail,” our source added. “She was acting just the same. There was no namaste anything. Danielle and the other women were standing behind her, and Teresa was the main problem. She was the one screaming and carrying on. The other women were trying to tell her to calm down. They weren’t doing as much at all.”

“They basically came to start drama and leave,” our insider also stated. “They didn’t come up to anyone and say they were sorry for their losses. They literally came in, started stuff with Kim, and left.”

Luckily, after the drama, the rest of the evening went well and the charity function was a success. “Everything went really well throughout the night and we got a positive response.”

While it’s sad there was drama, we’re glad the night was overall a success.


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