EXCLUSIVE: Eden Sassoon – I Have Unfinished Business

EXCLUSIVE: Eden Sassoon – I Have Unfinished Business

Tonight the first part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion will air, following the explosive finale that occurred last week. Recently, we talked exclusively with Eden Sassoon, the friend of the Housewives this season, who told us she has “unfinished business” with the women.

Sassoon shared with us that,  “I want to say to all the women I have taken this journey with, that I believe under all the hurtful words or expressions, there is a unity.”

“No one said it was easy and I for one am truly gifted at real connections and I go fast, deep, and it’s a beautiful dance between souls,” she continued. “I could only wish theses women knew that dance and showed more selfless kindness.”

“This world is not about me,” she added, “but I have a responsibility to it and all in it.”

So, with that said, does Sassoon want to go back to the show?

“Yes,” she confirmed, “I have unfinished business.” 

Only time will tell if she does indeed return, but after the explosive finale, it’s clear Sassoon definitely has a voice demanding to be heard.


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