EXCLUSIVE: Eden Sassoon – I’m Done Playing Nice With This Group

EXCLUSIVE: Eden Sassoon – I’m Done Playing Nice With This Group

Last night was the explosive finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where friend of the Housewives Eden Sassoon finally let Lisa Rinna have it, telling her she was sick of Rinna using her as her scapegoat. After she got upset, Rinna claimed Sassoon had “finally found her voice.”

We caught up with Sassoon to talk about the finale and if she agreed with what Rinna said. 

“I had my voice all along and used it when appropriate but my ‘VOICE’ is not combative, loud, angry and full of hurt,” Sassoon explained of the situation. “Yes I found that voice because I can only emotionally take so much.”

“No one but Lisa Vanderpump ever listened to me and even then not one ‘friend’ was ever concerned with my true emotional state,” she added.

“I am done feeling less than, seeing as my heart is pure to share and give to truly anyone worthy,” Sassoon further detailed.

“I’m done ‘playing’ NICE with this group!” she wrapped with saying about the situation. “You hurt me enough and you will not enjoy what’s to come. #TRUTH.”

We talked to Sassoon about some other things related to RHOBH, so make sure to stay tuned for more.


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