EXCLUSIVE: Elena Gant and Terra Jole’s Friendship Over

EXCLUSIVE: Elena Gant and Terra Jole’s Friendship Over

For years on Little Women: LA, we have seen Terra Jole and Elena Gant as close friends. On the premiere episode of this season, Gant criticized Jole’s decision to keep doing Dancing With The Stars, and this led to a heated argument for the pair. Sadly, we have learned, that fans hoping there would be a reconciliation between the pair better keep hoping, as they are not in a good place.

A friend of Jole’s dished to us exclusively that, “As soon as Elena called Terra stupid for following her dream of being on Dancing With The Stars, this was the beginning of the end.”

“The fight they had that you saw air led to a major falling out between them,” her friend continued.

“The producers on the show have been trying to get them to reconcile and come back together, but it’s not happening,” her friend added. “Terra feels like Elena is jealous of her, and it was clear from the way she acted towards her.”

“Don’t expect to see these two as friends again,” her friend wrapped with telling us.

Keeping friendships- and relationships- alive on reality TV is very tough, so we can’t say we’re surprised to see this happening.

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