EXCLUSIVE: Ex-‘Hollywood Today Live’ host Porscha Coleman – Network Blasts Allegations of Racial Discrimination

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-‘Hollywood Today Live’ host Porscha Coleman – Network Blasts Allegations of Racial Discrimination

The Dirty can exclusively reveal the ex-“Hollywood Today Live” host Porscha Coleman is suing FOX and show execs accusing them of racial discrimination is now being blasted by the media giant … with them arguing comments about her hair were part of the creative process and are demanding her lawsuit be thrown out of court.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Coleman sued Fox Entertainment, Media General and the execs behind the entertainment show accusing them of race discrimination, retaliation and discrimination … saying she was fired for being an unmarried black woman with no kids.

She explained she was hired to be a co-host of the show but things started off bad from the get-go. Coleman described how the hair and makeup people did not have experience with “female African-American hair” or “darker skin tones”.

Coleman accused the head of programming for FOX of telling her she didn’t appeal to Middle America and made a comment during a meeting about how she wanted the show to last and didn’t want Coleman’s hair to be the reason why the show didn’t get picked up. Then in November, she was told that she would not be filming the show for 2 days and was replaced by actress Garcelle Beauvais during shooting. Coleman asked for a reason behind the decision and was told the audience wanted to see moms and that she was not a mother. She points out that none of her other co-hosts without children were replaced by execs.

She was eventually fired from her job as co-host on ‘Hollywood Today Live’, which she believes was retaliation for her complaining about the treatment from execs. Coleman sued seeking punitive damages for the severe and permanent emotional and mental distress, and anguish, humiliation, embarrassment, fright, shock and anxiety she has suffered.

Then recently, FOX – who airs Hollywood Today Live – headed to court and fired back at Coleman’s allegations saying they were never her boss and she can’t sue them. The media giant explains the ex-host fails to present enough evidence to prove they discriminated against her. They say their only role with the entertainment show is they are the owner of the television stations which the show aired.

Fox backs up the hairstylist saying her comments were part of the creative process at work and claim the statements were isolated sporadic or trivial and cannot be considered harassment. The media company is demanding Coleman’s lawsuit be thrown out and she be awarded nothing from her complaint.


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