EXCLUSIVE: Explosive Arguments Break Out At Farrah Abraham’s Birthday Party

EXCLUSIVE: Explosive Arguments Break Out At Farrah Abraham’s Birthday Party

Over the weekend, Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham hosted a birthday party at NYC hotspot Boutique in between taping the reunion special and other specials on Sunday. We have exclusively learned from various attendees of the party who asked to not be named that some explosive arguments broke out at the party- and not between who you would think.

One of our insiders reports that, “During the party, Dr. David Merz, Fararh’s Mom Debra Danielsen’s fiancee, approached Farrah’s Dad, Michael Abraham, and asked him to step outside. When they got outside, Dr. David asked the MTV cameras- which were taping- to stop, but they continued filming.”

“Once outside,” our source told us, “Dr. David started arguing with Michael, claiming he didn’t want Michael talking about him or Debra on social media anymore. Michael denied this, as it’s something he’s never done. Michael had a bodyguard present with him, but that didn’t stop Dr. David from continuing to get close to Michael, and even at one point placing his finger on Michael’s chest.”

Social media wasn’t the only thing Dr. David had a problem with, as he had more to say to Michael, going off about Farrah.

“Dr. David started going off on Michael about how whacked out Farrah is and that she needs help,” another source at the party dished. “He claimed he was a special doctor from John Hopkins. Michael told him he didn’t give a s**t what Dr. David thinks and that he didn’t care if Dr. David had graduated from under a rock and that he wasn’t a shrink. Michael also informed Dr. David that he didn’t care what he thinks, he just wants him and Debra to be happy and leave him alone. Michael also told Dr. David to not try to father Farrah, as Farrah has a father.”

“Even though Dr. David kept getting physically close to Michael, Michael did not react or touch him,” this source added. “Michael ended up walking away and going back inside.”

This wasn’t the only argument that ensued at the party, though, as still another source dished that, “Later, Michael went back outside and seemed to have a tense conversation with Debra.. Their conversation went on for a while, and Michael seemed disturbed by what Debra was saying.”

“Michael also was heard telling Debra to just take responsibility for the past in terms of what she’s done to Farrah- specifically, hitting her on TV- and that if she could be honest and own up to it, it would improve her relationship with Farrah,” our insider added.

As for why Debra was even at the event- especially considering that her and Farrah have had an estranged relationship for a while now- sources close to Abraham dished that Farrah invited Debra to “be nice” but they were of the belief that Farrah did not want Dr. David in attendance.

“At one point, Dr. David was seen approaching Farrah at the party,” our initial insider told us. “She clearly didn’t want to talk to him and told him this was not the time or place.”

While Farrah looked gorgeous at the party- and, from what we saw in short clips posted online, seemed to be having fun- it definitely sounds like the party brought out it’s share of drama.


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