EXCLUSIVE: Farrah’s Dad Refutes Story She’s On Pills

EXCLUSIVE: Farrah’s Dad Refutes Story She’s On Pills

Recently, rumors surfaced on Crazy Days and Nights regarding Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham. 

Specifically, in a blind item the site claimed was about Abraham, they wrote, “The drinking of this Teen Mom is out of control. Combine that with some pills she was prescribed and her already notorious temper and she is a walking train wreck. She has also gained about 20 pounds and recently screamed at a fan who wrongfully pointed it out to her. Not Amber.”

We spoke exclusively to Mike Abraham, Farrah’s Dad, to get his response to the claims.

“It’s BS,” he exclusively shared with us. “Someone is making up lies.”

“I work with Farrah on a daily basis with her businesses and there is no indication based on her high activity level and work ethic,” he continued. “It’s a hater (or haters) spreading rumors period. Shame on them for trying to pull a successful single parent down.”

“No one is perfect,” he added, “but Farrah works very hard to be a responsible person and excellent single parent.”

We appreciate Abraham clarifying this with us.


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