EXCLUSIVE: Heather Dubrow – Did Not Leave The Way She’s Claiming

EXCLUSIVE: Heather Dubrow – Did Not Leave The Way She’s Claiming

While Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow announced today that she’s leaving the show, The Dirty has exclusively learned that she did not exactly leave the way she’s claiming to have.

When discussing it on her radio show, Dubrow had the following to say about why she left: “If you’re wondering why I decided not to come back. It wasn’t an easy decision. It’s hard to walk away from something that first of all is successful and you’ve been doing for five years and truly has given us so much. But I just feel like right at this particular point in time a couple of things. First of all my oldest kids are now teenagers and I just felt like they need to make their own decision about being on television and exposing their lives and for me personally I have some really cool interesting opportunities going on right now that I want to explore. I don’t know where they’re going to go but I want the opportunity to explore them and I felt like it was at a tipping point and it’s time.”

However, according to an insider, Dubrow isn’t exactly telling the truth.

“Heather was offered a friend role for this season,” a source exclusively revealed to us.

“However, she decided not to take it,” they continued.

As to why she was offered a friend role, our insider claimed that “Production was bored with her storyline. It’s been about her house and wealth for years, and they didn’t feel there was enough substance for her to return again as a full time Housewife.”

“Heather turned down the friend role and thus left,” our source wrapped with telling us.

Tell us- are you surprised to learn this? Will you miss Heather? Let us know.


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