EXCLUSIVE: Heather McDonald Reacts To Kathy Griffin’s Shocking Image

EXCLUSIVE: Heather McDonald Reacts To Kathy Griffin’s Shocking Image

Yesterday, comedian Kathy Griffin took a lot of heat for an image that was posted of her with a blood-covered mask of President Donald Trump, which she later took to Twitter to apologize for. While Griffin claimed in her apology she was a comedian and comedians push the line, we were curious to hear what other comedians would think of what she did. We reached out exclusively to Heather McDonald, whose Juicy Scoop Podcast has become a huge hit.

On the picture, McDonald told us exclusively that, “The video and image that Kathy portrayed was extremely disturbing and disrespectful not to just our President and his family, but especially to anyone who has been impacted by violent crimes and senseless war and terrorism.”

“Kathy was smart to take the image down and apologize within hours,” McDonald added.

McDonald wrapped with telling us that, “Some comics go through their careers refusing to ever say they are sorry and claim to have no regrets. Everyone has regrets and clearly Kathy regrets this move and was big enough to admit it.”

We appreciate McDonald sharing her thoughts with us. For more of her, make sure to check out and subscribe to her Juicy Scoop Podcast. That, for sure, is one regret you won’t have!


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