EXCLUSIVE: High School Coach Accused Of Exposing Himself To Students, District Responds

EXCLUSIVE: High School Coach Accused Of Exposing Himself To Students, District Responds

A high school football coach in Spokane, Washington, named Jim Sharkey, has been suspended with pay while the school investigates complaints that he exposed himself to students at a leadership camp last summer.

According to reports describing the allegations, the coach allegedly put his genitals in a hot dog bun, showed it to players, and said, “You think that is a big dog – take a look at this.”

While he initially only received a written reprimand- and, shockingly, was still able to coach football this past fall, likely due to him denying this occurred-  as of February 1st, he was put on administrative leave. This was due to multiple players on his team coming forward and claiming to have seen what occurred with the hotdog. Also, other things Sharkey had allegedly done came out.

According to local CBS affiliate KREM, these other things allegedly included, amongst other things, Sharkey:

  • Allegedly calling a student a “dip s**t” and saying he was “going to punch him in the face.”
  • Allegedly using school computers to search for U2 tickets.
  • Allegedly calling a cheerleader a “puck bunny.” 
  • Allegedly consuming alcohol in front of students at the summer camp.

A total of three students, according to KREM, had claimed Sharkey had exposed himself.

In a local news report from The Spokesman Review, Sharkey stated the following regarding the investigation that is now ongoing: “They have not given me a timeline. But they have been specific that I can’t comment on anything until the investigation is done. When this is done, I’ll be happy to talk about my teaching and coaching affairs.”

We have reached out to the Administration, the Superintendent, the School Board, and the Athletic Director for a statement, and received the following response from Kevin Morrison, the District’s Director of Communications and Community Relations:

“The district does not comment on open personnel investigations. You would have to reach out to Shoshone County Sheriff or Spokane Police Department for statements to determine if any criminal investigations exist per the article you referenced in your initial inquires.”

We plan on reaching out to them, and will update this story with more information once we obtain it.


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