So I just had a conversation with Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart through Instagram. Must be his M.O. — First, Casper Smart thank you for responding, no matter what gender you are into… I have respect for the fact you didn’t hide. Second, I understand this isn’t easy. Being caught doing something that can hurt others is not how the game plan is supposed to work. Everyone thinks they can get away with things i.e. Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Ashton Kutcher, Anthony Weiner, etc (yes, those were all TheDirty.com). 

You didn’t really answer my last question which is fine. “Got it” wasn’t the answer I was looking for. Yes, the transexual offered to sell me the XXX pictures of you and thank you for telling me not to waste my money. I’m guessing by you saying “bs” that means you are denying this ever happened? – nik

**Please note: Casper Smart has deleted our conversation on IG.**