EXCLUSIVE: Is Kim DePaola Returning To RHONJ Season 8

EXCLUSIVE: Is Kim DePaola Returning To RHONJ Season 8

While Real Housewives of New Jersey has always had Kim DePaola – better known as “Kim D” – around since the first season, rumors had been swirling she would not be a part of this upcoming eighth season.

However, we have exclusively learned some information that makes it seem like DePaola may be back for this season.

Here is what we heard from multiple insiders:

  • Yesterday, RHONJ star Siggy Flicker was seen at Posche, Kim D’s store.
  • We’re told Kim was definitely present.
  • Also, we have had it confirmed that cameras were definitely present.

Based on all of this, it’s an easy conclusion to make that Kim must have filmed for the new season.

While we did reach out to DePaola- who would not comment- we did peek at her Instagram, where she captioned the above photo, “Love when my girl @siggy.flicker comes to @poschebykimd ? #poschebykimd #friendship #rhonj #shopping #boutique #poschedolls.”

This also seems like a pretty good hint she filmed.

Stay tuned for more RHONJ exclusive information only at The Dirty.


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