EXCLUSIVE: Jacqueline and Chris Laurita – Planning To Pay Off Debt

EXCLUSIVE: Jacqueline and Chris Laurita – Planning To Pay Off Debt

Yesterday, a report came out in NJ.com claiming that Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita and her husband, Chris Laurita, owed their lawyers $290,000 in fees related to their business bankruptcy case.

The Dirty spoke exclusively to an insider who shared, “It is true that Jacqueline and Chris owe money to their attorneys.”

“However,” our source continued, “they have made a payment plan for that. Their mortgage is up to date and they have paid off a lot of their debt and should be all caught up with outstanding payments by this year.”

“Also, in response to there being social media posts about the Laurita’s remodeling their home and getting plastic surgery,” our insider added, “Jacqueline gets services in exchange for promotion/payment. Also, with their house, when they tried to sell it they were told it needed some updating and decluttering, so that’s what they’ve been doing with that.”

“Jacqueline and Chris have a lot of positive things going on and are doing a lot of good,” our insider wrapped with telling us. “Currently, they’re out in Vegas for a charity event and are continuing to participate in as many philanthropic opportunities as their time allows.”

We will continue to keep you posted on any new developments regarding this.


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