EXCLUSIVE: Jenna von Oy Talks Blossom Reboot

EXCLUSIVE: Jenna von Oy Talks Blossom Reboot

It seems like the newest television trend is rebooting popular series which, as of late, include The Gilmore GirlsWill and Gracem and Roseanne.

We got the chance to chat exclusively with actress star Jenna von Oy this morning, and couldn’t help asking her about the possibility of a Blossom reboot.

“We’ve had a few minor reunions over the past few years for press and the show’s re-entry into syndication,” Jenna told us exclusively, “but it would certainly be thrilling to be reunited with the cast on a more constant basis.”

“There is a lot of love, respect, and chemistry there,” she added.

Jenna wrapped with telling us that, “I’m not sure if a reboot is in the cards for the immediate future, especially given Mayim‘s current success on The Big Bang Theory (she’s a busy lady!), but I’m hopeful that NBC will entertain it at some point!”

NBC, we’re with Jenna on this- we miss Blossom, Six, and of course hearing Joey Lawrence say “whoa!” This is a reboot that needs to happen.


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