EXCLUSIVE: Jim Carrey – Late Girlfriend’s Mother Accuses Actor of Physically Abusing Her Daughter Prior to Suicide

EXCLUSIVE: Jim Carrey – Late Girlfriend’s Mother Accuses Actor of Physically Abusing Her Daughter Prior to Suicide

Jim Carrey is accused of refusing to be grilled under oath about the events leading up to his late girlfriends suicide – in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the woman’s mother– and now the actor is not only being blamed for transmitted multiple STD’s and emotional abuse but it’s alleged he physical abused his girlfriend before her death.

Back in October, the mother of Cathriona White filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey blaming him for her daughter’s suicide.

Sweetman claimed the actor had given her daughter 3 STDs during their relationship. Cathriona confronted Jim and then shamed her by calling her a “whore” and even threatened her with the help of “fixers” who worked to silence her.

According to the docs, Cathriona contracted both herpes and chlamydia back in 2013. When she told the actor he dismissed the insinuation he gave them to her … and then claimed she got them from someone else.

Following the confrontation, Jim broke up with her sending her the message, “You have become too much drama”.

Sweetman said the “fixers” worked and her daughter stayed silent … which caused her to struggle emotionally before her overdose on Ambien, Percocet and Propranolol, which she accuses Carrey of providing her with. The actor allegedly obtained the prescriptions under the name Arthur King.

She sued demanding general damages, economic damages, funeral and burial expenses, punitive damages and attorney fees. Carrey’s lawyer, Marty Singer, fired back calling the lawsuit a “sham” and alleged Cathriona and her mother had a broken relationship. He claimed Cathriona left her home at 15-years-old due to her mom … and days before her suicide she cut off all contract due to a demoralizing phone call they had.

On January 3rd, Sweetman headed to court to blast Carrey’s motion to have her pay $373,700 before her lawsuit could continue on. She explains that it is now clear that the actor admits he is “Arthur King” whose prescription drugs were found in his ex-girlfriends system and caused her death. It is now equally clear that he admits he is “Joseph Lopez” who tested positive to three sexually transmitted diseases he knowingly gave to Cathriona which lead to her suicide

Sweetman says despite the evidence all pointing to Carrey being liable for the suicide … he is still claiming he is innocent of any wrongdoing … and he’s so certain of this that he is requesting she pay the massive amount of $372k (which she adds is not a typo in her court docs), which she says would severely burden her. She claims she is indigent and cannot afford such an amount … saying she has no income except for a disability checks and has no ability to earn an income

Further, she claims Carrey has stonewalled her discovery efforts in the case by refusing to sit down for a deposition despite repeated demands. She says that he has refused numerous times despite her demands he be grilled under oath during a depo

Carrey’s lawyers have also refused to allow cross-examination of the third party witnesses – who have knowledge of the issues of the case – now saying they represent each of the witnesses that Sweetman has tried to depose

She says if the court grants Carrey’s $372k demand it would be a miscarriage of justice and a denial of her access to the courts.

Interesting to note … Cathriona’s mom says the actor has failed to mention his 3 minute Facetime convo only hours before her daughter committed suicide. “Indeed, if Mr. Carrey is as innocent as he claims he is, then why is he refusing to answer questions under oath in this case?, Sweetman asks in her response

Sweetman then accuses the actor of not only mentally abuse her daughter but subjected her to physical abuse and transmitted multiple sexually transmitted diseases to her

She is demanding the judge shut down Carrey’s motion and not force her to pay the massive $373k to allow her to continue on with the lawsuit.


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