EXCLUSIVE: Jim Marchese – What Happened To Dina Manzo And Her Boyfriend Was Not Random

EXCLUSIVE: Jim Marchese – What Happened To Dina Manzo And Her Boyfriend Was Not Random

The Dirty reported that former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo and her boyfriend, David Cantin, were robbed and attacked in their home.

On Twitter, former Real Housewives of New Jersey husband Jim Marchese quoted a story about the attack, which ended up getting him and, coincidentally, his wife Amber, into a fight on Twitter with Manzo’s daughter, Lexi. After Wendy Williams covered this … Jim reached out to us exclusively to share his side of things.

For reference, Jim had initially tweeted that, “See my love @AmberNMarchese nothing good ever comes of #RHONJ as I said that show is #evil and in the end the devil comes for his dues…”

To this, Lexi responded, “You are a filthy human-being. Grow a heart & have some compassion. Keep your arrogance to yourself.”

Jim then responded that, “My heart bled when Dina broke up a home, kids didn’t see dad for 1 year cause of Dina. Melissa cared for Dave with cancer not Dina.” [Note: Melissa is Dave’s ex-wife].

Lexi then wrote, “As a grown man you’d think you’d have something better to do than gossip hate on twitter. It scares me that people like you raise children.”

Jim then added, “Sorry kiddo your mommy & Dave did really bad stuff to lots of people. Deal with it. Or you believe the BS that Dina cared for Dave’s cancer. I watched friends & kids have their lives shattered because of Dina’s gold digging. Stay out or you might learn the truth about your mommy.” 

Amber, for her part, added, “Lexi, I think u better back down. I’m sorry 4 this hard time in ur life, but ur mother caused a lot of hurt amongst our friends.”

After this ordeal- and Wendy Williams discussing it this morning- Jim reached out to share his side of things, as well as pictures proving him and Amber were friends with David and his ex-wife, Melissa.

“This is the second time in 2 years Dave has been attacked by guys with a baseball bat,” Jim shared. “The first was when he and Dina went to the Brownstone for a family event (wedding) in 2015.” 

“Amber and I met Dave after he was treated for cancer,” Jim continued. “We met him with his wife Melissa in 2013 and went to several charity events together in late 2014/2015.”

As for the incident that just occurred, Jim stated, “Holmdel is a wealthy quiet community and in my opinion, the idea that the townhouse these two reside was randomly picked and not the 7,000 sq ft mansions adjacent to the residence lacks credibility.”

“My tweet about ‘RHONJ being evil and the devil gets his dues’ was a reference that anyone tied to that show has paid a price,” he explained of his initial tweet. “It was not about Dina or Dave.  I found the twitter response intriguing as many assumed I meant they deserved what happened.  This demonstrates my family was not the only ones hurt by Dina and even Lexi has a negative view of her mother’s adultery. Why else would she jump to the conclusion?”

Jim wrapped with telling us that, “Judging by the responses many believed I was talking about Dina and Dave getting payback for something they deserve.  I have not spoken to them in over a year and can only speculate why this happened, but I do not believe for a minute this was random.”

As for the pictures Jim shared, the first one was from the May 2014 American Cancer Society (ACS) event in New Jersey, where Jim noted that “David has his arms around Melissa.”  The second was the Beauty Ball on Trump National Golf Course Colts Neck New Jersey May 2013, where, Jim informed us, “Dave was in attendance with his wife Melissa.”

Jim also noted to us that, “He met Dina in early 2015 well after he was treated and after RHONJ season 6 was complete.”


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