EXCLUSIVE: Joanna Krupa – Asian Dog and Cat Meat Trade Is Disgusting and Barbaric

EXCLUSIVE: Joanna Krupa – Asian Dog and Cat Meat Trade Is Disgusting and Barbaric

After our post yesterday regarding Taiwan making a huge step against animal brutality … PETA responded to The Dirty, “We give credit to ALL that speak up for animals every day! Together we have the power to make a difference. Never be silent!”

One person who is never silent on animal cruelty is Joanna Krupa. She has a long history with PETA, so we decided to reach out an get her exclusive thoughts on the matter. She had a lot to share:

“Taiwan seems to be the leader in what I thought was an endless battle. Now I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I pray that all the other countries and islands in Asia follow Taiwan’s lead from this barbaric and inhumane dog and cat meat trade.”

Krupa continues, “We live in a time where none of this should be allowed. It just proves that when people get together and become a voice for these defenseless and voiceless angels a victory can happen. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but we can’t give up on God’s amazing creatures.”

In closing Krupa states, “Just because animals can’t speak doesn’t give human beings the right to torture them in these horrific ways. It’s heartbreaking that we even have to fight for these beautiful creatures because of heartless human beings … that don’t see what they are doing is disgusting and barbaric. To me these are not human beings but monsters that are cold hearted. How can anyone watch any kind of living creature suffer in so much pain and agony? They can’t call themself a human being!”


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