EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber – Blasts Fan for Suing over Cancelled “Meet and Greet”

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber – Blasts Fan for Suing over Cancelled “Meet and Greet”

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Justin Bieber is blasting one of his fans – suing the pop star for screwing her out of a scheduled “Meet and Greet” — and demanding the judgement she was awarded be thrown out.

Melissa Matthai sued Bieber explaining she purchased 2 VIP tickets including “Meet and Greet” for his July 2nd concert in Miami. The total for the tickets came out to $1,856.35.

However, Bieber went on to cancel all his “Meet and Greets” with fans for his entire tour, but refused to refund monies back to fans unless they completely gave up their tickets for shows that had been sold out for months.

Matthai accused the pop star of claiming his fans should be refunded but, to date, none have been made. She attended the concert with floor seats worth about $200 each but she paid over $900 for each. She demanded Bieber be ordered to pay her $1,800 for breach of contract.

Recently, the judge signed off on a garnishment against Bieber’s wages from Universal Music … stating Matthai was awarded a final judgement in the amount of $5,298.75 with interest.

Then on March 6th, Bieber headed to court blasting his fan’s lawsuit over the cancelled “Meet and Greet”. The singer says he was never served with the legal papers and is demanding the default judgement be vacated … and the case be put on pause until Matthai can track him down to serve him the legal docs.


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