EXCLUSIVE: Justin Moed – Involved In New Scandal Regarding Gentlemen’s Club

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Moed – Involved In New Scandal Regarding Gentlemen’s Club

While The Dirty has exposed Indiana House of Representatives member Justin Moed before for his involvement in a sexting scandal, it seems that Moed has found himself involved in the middle of a new issue!

According to Jeff Moe, a club owner of Lenny’s Gentleman’s Club In Indianapolis, Indiana, Moed has been making false claims against Moe and his businesss.

“The club is losing its liquor license with zero excise violations or any problem,” Moe told us. “Justin Moed has been speaking out against the club in public and business meetings.”

Moe went into specific details, telling us that, “On January 18th, 201,  at 8:30 AM, the Stadium Village Business Association had its monthly meeting at the Sacred Heart Church. Justin Moed proceeded to stand up for five minutes and slander me and my club. He went as far as to say that, ‘I don’t know how Mr. Moe is paying legal bills. He is selling drugs out the back door.’”

“The club nor me personally has ever been convicted of any crime,” Moe added. “Justin Moed is completely lying to try to slander my business, and it’s ironic given his history.”

“We have been battling this for three years thanks to Justin Moed, and are in the final appeal stage,” Moe wrapped with telling us. “I lost my liquor license for a day and am supposed to lose it again May 1st. What’s funny is that there have been 10 murders at area bars in Justin’s district and, for whatever reason, he is choosing to go after a strip club with a perfect record.”

Stay tuned to The Dirty for more on this exclusive report, including police records proving the club has not been having issues and a copy of the lawsuit Moe has filed with the state. He did indicate that a lawsuit against Moed from him will also be forthcoming.


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