EXCLUSIVE: Kail Lowry And “New Man” Break Silence On Their Relationship

EXCLUSIVE: Kail Lowry And “New Man” Break Silence On Their Relationship

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry– who recently revealed who the father of her third baby is – has been the subject of many rumors as of late. The latest rumor has been that Lowry has a new man, after a picture was posted on Snapchat of her laying in bed next to him. Of course, critics of her- including some people in her life- have not been gentle on social media regarding the picture.

We reached out to Lowry and the man in question, Dj Cephas, to exclusively find out just what exactly the status of their relationship is.

“Kail and I are just friends,” Cephas told us. “We are not dating.”

“I have a lot of respect for her,” he continued. “I think she admires the fact that I find positivity in any circumstance.”

So what about the picture in question?

“The picture of us in bed did not mean anything,” Cephas explained. “Everyone was under the impression that we were being intimate and that wasn’t the case.”

Cephas wrapped with telling us that, “As far as people trying to control how she lives her life really baffles me. Who are they to say what someone else should be doing with their life? Everyone is human.”

We also spoke to Lowry who also told us that, “We are just friends.”

“He’s a good person with good energy, which is what I want to be around,” Lowry added.

Lowry wrapped with saying that, “People obviously want to make it more because they love gossip and entertainment.”

We appreciate Cephas and Lowry talking to us to clear up the rumors and consider this one squashed.


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