EXCLUSIVE: Kail Lowry Goes In On Simon Saran

EXCLUSIVE: Kail Lowry Goes In On Simon Saran

Teen Mom OG fans and Teen Mom 2 fans are currently watching it go down on Twitter between Farrah Abraham‘s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, and Kail Lowry

When Saran tweeted out something about buying a “Mom boss” tee shirt that Abraham is selling- and he was criticized- he told a critic to “go protest at a zoo or sea world.” When that person responded, “Sea world is at @KailLowry‘s house, right?” Saran replied, “Sure if you are looking to free Shamu.”

This led into a war of words that goes as follows;

Lowry- “Shamu is almost as wide as your girlfriend’s vag.”

Saran- “Or as wide as the door your Baby daddy ran through when he heard you were pregnant! Go be a baby by buster lol.”

Lowry- “At least he didn’t have curtains to run through.”

Saran- “girl everyone has ran through you!”

Lowry- “bc I’m a hoe & white trash right? i’ve heard it all, you can get your balls out of Farrah’s purse now.” 

Saran- “Nope no one ever said that. You just implied that yourself.”

We reached out to Lowry who exclusively had the following to say about the beef: “It’s so nice to meet a grown man via twitter after talking shit about me for no apparent reason! Whatever he was in business for must not be working out- otherwise he wouldn’t be dealing with Farrah and collecting MTV checks.”

Call us crazy, but we’d say it’s war!


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