EXCLUSIVE: Kail Lowry- Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Were Collected In Con

EXCLUSIVE: Kail Lowry- Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Were Collected In Con

While it’s not uncommon for reality stars to promote and endorse products in exchange for payment, it IS uncommon to hear of cons happening regarding them.

Recently, we stumbled across a post on PRNightmares.com regarding a woman named Casi Densmore-Koon and, if you read, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is mentioned… and Lowry has broken her silence to us about what exactly went down.

The specific story that mentions Lowry is listed as “story # 9” where someone says that they were promised a bunch of things, including:

“Celebrity Gifting which would include dedicated IGpost from Beverley and Kail –NEVER DID – I don’t think Beverley or Kail ever knew Casi was making this commitment on their behalf.

Beverley and Kail would do a giveaway and blog post. – Beverley did not do ( again I don’t think she ever agreed to this) and Kail did a giveaway for $800 of my jewelry without me ever agreeing to this. Again – don’t think Kail knew about this.”

The story also states that, “In the end I sent her a 14k gold necklace worth over $500, over $1000 to Kail and $500 necklace to Beverley Mitchell. She then tried to get more free jewelry from me as well. I want to say that it is my impressions that Kail and Beverley never knew or promised to do anything that Casi promised. I just gave up on Casi because I didn’t want the energy in my life. It wasn’t worth the fight so thank you for standing up for what is right.”

We reached out to Lowry for comment on this story and she exclusively told us that, “It’s really sad that this happened and I feel awful for all the small shops affected by this. These businesses are run by people with families. $400,000+ in product and money was scammed and it’s just so sad.”

“I was approached by countless shops who paid and were promised advertising from me that I was never made aware of,” Lowry added. “It’s come to my attention Casi has collected hundreds and thousands of dollars using my name with these small shops.”

Lowry wrapped with saying that, “Hopefully bringing light to the situation will prevent anyone else from being conned.”


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