EXCLUSIVE: Kail Lowry – People Are Judging Her Unfairly Based On What They Think They Know

EXCLUSIVE: Kail Lowry – People Are Judging Her Unfairly Based On What They Think They Know

This week on Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry wasn’t painted in the best light after a fight -that fans only saw the aftermath of- with ex Javi Marroquin. While many people took to social media to bash Lowry, one of her best friends- who asked to remain anonymous- spoke with us about what went down.

Her friend dished that, “You don’t know everything that went on between her and Javi, nor do you know everything that MTV taped and what they edited down to show you to create drama.”

“People are judging her unfairly based on only parts of the story that they think they know,” her best friend continued, “rather than the entire thing. While Kail is not going to air all of what happened out in the open, as a friend of hers, I know firsthand that there’s more to it.”

“Furthermore,” they added, “she and Javi talked while he was overseas and agreed they were ending things, so for him to act surprised when he came home like he should have been welcomed back with open arms to pick up their life where it left off was not only bizarre, but was a sympathy ploy for the viewers as well.”

Her best friend had more to add, telling us that, “Kail and Javi are definitely better apart, and he knows that just as well as she does, so for him to act differently is ridiculous. Kail is not the villian she’s being painted to be, and it’s sad people think otherwise.”

“In addition,” they stated, “Kail is a great mother to Isaac and Lincoln, so for people to judge her for not being a good Mom because of what they saw in last night’s episode is also ignorant. Ask yourself if a ‘bad Mom’ would have gotten her kids away from the home in order to not have to bear witness to a fight rather than allowing them to stay there when the situation they were seeing wasn’t good. Kail asking Jo (Rivera) to take Isaac was for Isaac’s benefit, not Kail’s.”

Lowry’s friend wrapped with telling us that, “It’s just frustrating as her friend to see all of this judgement of Kail happening when people don’t know the whole story.”

We appreciate Lowry’s best friend speaking with us, as it definitely adds a completely different perspective to what MTV showed the viewers.


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