EXCLUSIVE: Kail Lowry Responds To Report Claiming Javi’s Legally The Father Of Her Baby

EXCLUSIVE: Kail Lowry Responds To Report Claiming Javi’s Legally The Father Of Her Baby

This morning, Radar Online ran a shocking report where they claimed that the father of Kail Lowry‘s third baby legally is Javi Marroquin. Specifically, they spoke to a lawyer- who is not licensed in Lowry’s home state of Delaware- who referenced a Delaware law that would legally make Marroquin the father.

Specifically, the attorney they spoke with named Brooke A. Camhi told Radar that, “Delaware law states that the ex-husband is presumed the father of a child if the child is born less than 300 days after the divorce.”

Their report also claimed that Marroquin would have to “file a valid denial of paternity with the Office of Vital Statistics” for him to not be considered the father of Lowry’s forthcoming child. In addition, Radar claims via citation of a statue that the man Lowry confirmed is the father of her babyChris Lopez, would have to file a document acknowledging he is the father to “discharge the presumed father from all rights and duties of a parent.”

We reached out to Lowry- who spoke with her lawyer, who is licensed in Delaware- to get her response to the report.

“You can’t tell someone on the internet they’re wrong,” Lowry began with telling us. “This is not Javi’s baby. Period.”

Lowry told us her lawyer shared with her that, “The article is ‘technically’ correct. If you both did nothing and never said it’s not each other’s kid, in two years the child would be presumed to be Javi’s. But that basically never happens.”

“We know it’s not Javi’s,” Lowry added. “So why would any of us act like he is the father?” 

Based on this, it’s safe to say Lowry will ensure Marroquin is not noted as the father of her child, as he’s biologically not the Dad. We appreciate her sharing her response to the story with us.


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