EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West – $2.5 Mill Lawsuit over “New Slaves” Sample Dismissed

EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West – $2.5 Mill Lawsuit over “New Slaves” Sample Dismissed

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Kanye West can breathe a tad easier with the $2.5 million legal battle over “New Slaves” being dismissed … following nearly year of battling it out in court over allegations of illegally sampling.

Last year, Gabor Presser sued the rapper and Sony Music for $2.5 million accusing them of illegally sampling his track, “Gyonhyhaju Lany” in Kanye’s hit “New Slaves” … without obtaining permission or paying him a dime.

Kanye claimed he had an agreement with Presser to sample the music. He denied any wrongdoing and has been attempting to have the case moved from New York to California. Presser demanded his motion be shut down.

Kanye and Presser had been fighting for months about the rapper being deposed … with a judge siding with the rapper on the issue and ordering his depo to take place in LA.

His depo was set to take place this month … but it appears that won’t be necessary … Presser filed docs this week explaining him and Kanye reached an agreement to dismiss all claims against the other … bringing the $2.5 million battle to an end.


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