EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Wakile On Turning The Page From RHONJ And Opening A New Restaurant

EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Wakile On Turning The Page From RHONJ And Opening A New Restaurant

While Kathy Wakile won’t be on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she still has a huge fanbase that she acquired while on the show. In addition to those fans are fans of Wakile’s cooking, both from seeing her food and from her cookbook, Indulge. Now, fans who have always been dying to try food made by her are in luck, as she is going to be opening a new restaurant in Bergen County, New Jersey.

We talked with Wakile about moving onto a “new chapter” of her life, from RHONJ to a restaurant owner.

“I’ve been wanting to do this (open a restaurant) for so long,” Wakile shared. “I’ve been talking about this since season three of the Housewives… My ideas have changed a little bit. It was going to be more bakery, but now it’s a pizzeria/bakery/restaurant. It’s just a place where I would want to go to/bring my family to and have family gatherings. It’s not anything too fancy- just homestyle.”

“We take ownership of the restaurant June 1st,” Wakile continued. “We’re going to do some renovations and stuff. (Our opening date) depends on how long our renovations take to get done.” 

So will Wakile be cooking there? Yes, she informed us, as well as a “partner” she has who has been in the restaurant business for years.

The food will also have some authentic Italian influences, as Wakile detailed that, “We are going to Italy to check out the newest food trends and looking for companies to source the restaurant from Italy and import (these items) and use them at the restaurant.”

And what are Wakile’s thoughts on the upcoming RHONJ season?

“I haven’t really been up to date on any of it,” Wakile told us. I’ve totally turned the page and I’m focusing on what I’m doing and I’m really not keeping up on what’s going on with the current season… It was a fun time for me and a great experience for me, but that was a chapter and I’m onto the next now.”

Could a reality show be in her future again, perhaps based on her restaurant? “I don’t know,” Wakile wrapped with telling us. “It would have to be right… Totally positive. Everything would have to be right.” 

We adore Wakile and look forward to her restaurant- where you’ll be able to try her world famous food and desserts- opening. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on more details around the opening when we get them.


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