EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Bensimon Accidentally Flashes The Internet

EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Bensimon Accidentally Flashes The Internet

Former Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Bensimon flashed the internet on Friday night when she took to Twitter to promote her new book.

Examining the picture closely, we noticed that Bensimon had accidentally exposed herself completely.

Our very own Nik Richie responded to Bensimon’s tweet, telling her, “You can see your vagina. FYI.”

Bensimon took the photo down, reposting a cropped version of the photo and noting that, “Welp. That was way more of a “sneak peek” than I meant to show anyone. (Note to self- next time use the crop button).”

“I guess that was my big shot at a sex tape scandal,” she added.

The next morning, she posted that, “I was kinda upset last night, but I’m a grown woman, I was in Playboy. The web saw my no no? Not even top ten worst things to happen to me.”

Kelly, The Dirty saved your vagina from mass exposure by informing you of what was going on. Always double check things before posting. You’ll thank us for the advice, and we hope you’ll learn from the situation.


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