EXCLUSIVE: Kim DePaola Talks Mysterious Letter She Received

EXCLUSIVE: Kim DePaola Talks Mysterious Letter She Received

If you follow Real Housewives of New Jersey friend and Posche Boutique owner Kim DePaola (AKA Kim D) on Instagram, you likely saw yesterday a very elusive post from her.

Specifically, DePaola posted an envelope (on top of some pictures we couldn’t see) with the inscription “Private for Kim D.”

“Someone brought this envelope to Posche!!” DePaola wrote on the caption. “I need more info !! You know how to reach me!!”

Since she posted, everyone is wondering what exactly the post pertains to, as fans are assuming it has something to do with RHONJ drama… and it seems the fans are righ on the money this time.

“There’s someone on the cast that is not very well liked by many people,” DePaola exclusively shared with us, “and someone has been dropping off information at my store about them.”

“I will definitely be sharing more details once I figure out more regarding this,” she added.

“People come to me because I tell the truth,” DePaola also noted, and rest assured, I will be sharing this information when the time is right.”

DePaola wrapped with saying, “I only hit back! If people have the balls to hit me they better know they will be hit back- and much harder.”

We will certainly keep you posted with more details as we receive them.


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