EXCLUSIVE: Kodak Black – Accuses Alleged Battery Victim of Playing Dirty Games

EXCLUSIVE: Kodak Black – Accuses Alleged Battery Victim of Playing Dirty Games

The Dirty can exclusively reveal Kodak Black is blasting the woman accusing him of battery with the rapper demanding the judge order her to be grilled under oath … despite her refusal to sit for a deposition.

Back in February, the rapper was thrown back behind bars for violating the terms of his probation while on house arrest. He was accused of failing to take his anger management class, leaving the house twice without permission … one time to a strip club and another to an event with boxer Adrien Broner.

Kodak fired back claiming the trips were work-related and had evidence to back it up. He is currently locked up awaiting his hearing.

Then recently, docs were filed in the case accusing Kodak of 2 additional violations. His probation officer says he recently learned the rapper is listed as a suspect in a battery investigation … who the Miami Police listed in their report.

The incident allegedly took place on February 2nd at Club Climax – the same strip club he went to the day earlier – all while on house arrest.

Then on April 4th, Kodak filed an emergency motion to compel in the case demanding the alleged victim of the battery, Jennifer Cunningham, be ordered to take a deposition.

He explains time is of the essence with his probation violation hearing coming up … he needs to grill her on the allegations she made in the police report. However, despite his lawyers demand to be deposed she has refused …. claiming she has received death threats and was scared for her face to be made public.

Kodak is calling her excuses BS and demanding she be ordered to take a depo … in hopes he can build his defense and be released ASAP.


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