EXCLUSIVE: Lea Black Slams Donald Trump, Understands Why Melania Swatted His Hand Away On Tarmac

EXCLUSIVE: Lea Black Slams Donald Trump, Understands Why Melania Swatted His Hand Away On Tarmac

We adore former Real Housewives of Miami star Lea Black, who has been staring in her own wildly successful Lunch With Lea Facebook series (that is also on YouTube). Aside from the best takes on celebrity gossip, Black has also been an ardent celebrity outspoken against President Donald Trump.

We caught up with her exclusively yesterday to discuss the video footage that surfaced of first lady Melania Trump not taking Donald’s hand when on the tarmac in Israel.

“I was not surprised to see Melania slap his hand away,” Black told us exclusively. “Her first reaction was probably that he was trying to grab her pu**y in public and then laugh about it. You know the celebrity he is. I think for years that she’s been living in a gilded cage and she simply cannot stand him. She’s perfectly coiffed and takes care of herself and I think he probably repulses her by now like he does most women.”

“Look at it like this,” she continued. “He’s a glutton. He eats like nothing I’ve ever seen with the greasy fried chicken and the oreos and the tubs of ice cream, the steak with the ketchup, the greasy fries. Just imagine all that grease running down his face or on his hands, as he wipes it away with greasy Kentucky fried chicken napkins. And he must smell like a fast food restaurant? It’s certainly not a Chanel No 5 pleasantry. He has horrible crude manners. He’s rude to people. He is an arrogant bully and a braggart and I think that she’s probably just appalled by his behavior. And embarrassed by it. And did I mention all the lies?”

“He’s talking about grabbing women by the p***y,” Black reiterated. “I mean, she probably put a chastity belt on after she heard that. She had to be horrified.”

So what does Black say to educated women who are still defending him?

“I say that they’re defending him because they’re one issue voters,” Black dished, “and that their ideology is more important than their humanity or their common sense , facts or their respect for the country and for other women.”

We love how outspoken Black is and look forward to hearing more of her opinions- both political and celebrity- in the future. For now, make sure to check out Lunch With Lea every Wednesday at noon.


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