EXCLUSIVE: Leah Messer Not Pregnant

EXCLUSIVE: Leah Messer Not Pregnant

Yesterday, The Dirty questioned if Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer was pregnant due to sonograms appearing on her refrigerator during the show. Also, during a recent Facebook Live video, one of Messer’s daughters mentioned a “baby in her belly.”

We spoke to a family member- who asked to go unnamed- of Messer’s to get to the bottom of it.

“Leah is not pregnant,” they shared, noting that they had checked with her.

We also spoke to a production insider who noted that they were unaware of Messer being pregnant as well.

In addition, Messer also confirmed the rumor herself on Twitter to be false, tweeting, “Kids say the craziest things! Side note: You have to be sexually active to get preg. I am definitely not. I have the IUD.”

While pregnancies in the Teen Mom world can change on a dime, for now, it is safe to say Messer is not pregnant.


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