EXCLUSIVE: Leah Remini – It Is My Duty To Continue This Crusade Until Something Is Done About It

EXCLUSIVE: Leah Remini – It Is My Duty To Continue This Crusade Until Something Is Done About It

Last year, one of the biggest things to hit television reality-wise was Leah Remini‘s Scientology: The Aftermath on A&E. The show saw Remini, a former Scientologist, sharing/documenting people’s stories who had been harmed by the church. It also saw her directly challenging many facets of the church, including the heartbreaking practice of disconnection. Disconnection is where the church forces some of its members to disconnect from ex-members of the church, even if they are close family members.

Yesterday, it was officially announced that her show would, unsurprisingly, be returning for a second season. It was also revealed that season two would contain ten episodes with a tentative date of debuting this summer.

We reached out to Remini exclusively to talk about the second season/the show being renewed.

“I am grateful that we get to continue to expose the harmful practices of Scientology,” Remini exclusively shared with us.

She also noted that she is “saddened that we have been flooded with stories that continue to break my heart.” 

Remini wrapped with telling us that, “I believe it is my duty to continue this crusade until something is done about it.”

The Church of Scientology is known for reacting in some frightening, stalker-like manners to those who challenge it, including reports of hiring private investigators to follow naysayers around. Viewers of Remini’s show even saw a scene in the first season where there were two men in a hotel she was staying in suspiciously staked out. It was assumed that the Church had sent them to monitor her.

We applaud Remini for her bravery and courage in using her platform to raise awareness about the harrowing things that take place behind the scenes in this cult-like religion.

The first season had us on the edge of our seats with each episode, and we look forward to seeing season two begin.


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