EXCLUSIVE: Lenny Dykstra – Dire Financial Troubles Revealed in Nasty Court Battle w/Ex-Twitter Manager

EXCLUSIVE: Lenny Dykstra – Dire Financial Troubles Revealed in Nasty Court Battle w/Ex-Twitter Manager

The Dirty can exclusively reveal ex-MLB star Lenny Dysktra’s dire financial troubles have been revealed in his nasty battle with his former Twitter manager … with the man accusing his former boss of backing out of a settlement to pay him $15k and now he is demanding the judge step in.

Dykstra was sued by his former partner and social media manager, Noah Scheinmann, last year. He was hired him to work on promotion for his memoir “House of Nails”.

The man claimed he worked 18-hour days for Dykstra which entailed ghostwriting his Twitter account, answering messages and calls, advising the MLB star and dealing with the fallout from his “boorish behavior” … only to fire him without paying him $76k for work done and screwing him out of promised bonuses from the book sales.

Dykstra fired back denying any wrongdoing and demanded the entire suit be thrown out with the man not awarded a dime. He accused Scheinmann of being the one who breached their deal, even claiming he blocked and deleted his Twitter followers after refusing to pay him more than their deal stated. He counter-sued the man for damages.

Then on March 30th, docs were filed by the court explaining Dykstra and Scheinmann were finalizing a settlement agreement and the case was to be dismissed following the execution.

However, earlier this week Scheinmann filed docs blasting Dykstra for reneging on their settlement and demanding the judge order the original deal to be enforced.

According to court docs, the ex-employee offered a deal where he would be paid $15k (with a up-front payment) stating he knew the MLB star had financial difficulties and was willing to work with him. Dykstra’s lawyer agreed to the $15k but no up-front payment due to his client not having the money.

A settlement was drafted but Scheinmann says Dykstra is refusing to sign the deal and he wants the judge to step in and force the contract to be enforced.


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