EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan – Childhood Home to Be Foreclosed Due to Mom Dina Defaulting on New York Pad’s Mortgage Once Again

EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan – Childhood Home to Be Foreclosed Due to Mom Dina Defaulting on New York Pad’s Mortgage Once Again

Lindsay Lohan’s childhood home will be foreclosed on following a year’s long legal battle between her mother Dina and the bank who owns her New York home …. with a judge giving the green light to the bank to begin the process of kicking out Lilo’s mom and preparing to sell the pad to the highest bidder at public auction.

Back in 2013, Dina was sued by JPMorgan Chase Bank over her allegedly defaulting on the mortgage payments related to the Long Island home that Lindsay and her 3 siblings grew up in.

The bank demanding they be allowed to foreclosure on the Lohan family home and sell it off at auction to the highest bidder.

The lawsuit accused Dina of taking out a $1.3 million dollar loan and, “has failed to comply with the conditions of the mortgage … by failing to pay portions of principal, interest or taxes, assessments, water rates, insurance premiums, escrow and/or other charges”.

Lindsay’s mom has been battling to save her home from foreclosure for years … with the actress even stepping in to save the home back in 2012 … when she handed over a $40k check to her mom to catch her up on the back payments.

The lawsuit remained active since being filed in 2013, which appears to be due to the bank and Dina working out a temporary agreement for her to repay the debt owed on the home.

It looked like Lindsay’s mom had pulled it together because the case had no activity until early last year. JPMorgan Chase Bank headed back to court in February demanding the court allow them to foreclose on the New York home.

The judge heard the bank’s motion for summary judgement at a hearing held recently in New York Court.

Dina failed to respond to the recent allegations she defaulted on her mortgage nor did she bother to defend herself in court to try and save her home from foreclosure.

Then on December 1st, the judge’s order was entered into the lawsuit and stated that the bank’s motion for summary judgement was granted and all other relief was granted without an opposition from Dina. The bank was granted an order of reference by the judge which is the first step in the process of selling off the home at auction.

The judge signed off on the bank starting the foreclosure process and they are now required to file their plan for the foreclosure sale … meaning Lindsay’s mom better start packing her bags ASAP.


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