EXCLUSIVE: Little Women Dallas Risking Cancellation

EXCLUSIVE: Little Women Dallas Risking Cancellation

While Little Women Dallas did have a small audience when its 7-episode first season premiered, it may not be enough to bring it back for a second season.

Although at least one member of the cast denied the show is cancelled on social media, a source in production told us that it is definitely risking not returning.

“The show may not end up coming back,” our insider exclusively shared with us.

“The network has not confirmed anything yet, but it’s not looking good,” they added.

“The cast is in flux, which is adding to the chance that it’s not returning,” our source wrapped with telling us.

Personally, we feel Lifetime has to give these shows more than 1 or 2 seasons to see if they catch on, but we understand budgets are tight, so we’re sure that is playing a factor here.


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