EXCLUSIVE: Lydia McLaughlin – RHOC Women Not Happy Lydia’s Back

EXCLUSIVE: Lydia McLaughlin – RHOC Women Not Happy Lydia’s Back

Recently, The Dirty was the first to exclusively confirm that Lydia McLaughlin would be returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County for season 12.

While it’s certainly a bizarre choice- and one that we didn’t see coming, as there are other women who would have made more sense to bring back- it definitely seems to be happening.

We spoke exclusively to a source close to production who dished on how the women are feeling about McLaughlin’s return- and it doesn’t seem like they’re so happy!

While our insider noted that “Lydia was adorable and her Mother was funny,” they revealed that, “The cast as a whole is not really happy she’s back.”

When pressed for why they would be upset, due to McLaughlin’s drama-free and unmemorable time on the show, our source dished that, “The cast found that- as a whole- she wasn’t someone they related to.”

“She lives a more normal life than the others,” they added.

Regardless, our insider claimed that, “It will still be interesting to see where she’s at in her life, though.”

Personally, what we were told makes a lot of sense, as McLaughlin didn’t really have a huge impact while on the show or form any memorable bonds that we can recall. Perhaps this time she will bring more drama, though, and prove to be more of an asset. This will definitely be a case of we will have to wait and see.


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